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About Chiropractic

There is volumes of information on the web about chiropractic, so here is a short helpful explaination. Spinal manipulation can relieve some types of back, neck,arm leg, and body pain and other conditions related to tightness and loss of mobility, such as tension headache or aching in muscles and joints. We also know that massage may be effective in relieving tension headache or aching in muscles and joints. Exercise and stretching techniques may be effective in long-term relief of back pain. Chiropractic can offer all of these modalities and physical therapy, when appropriate, and thus provide patients with a choice. They may also offer basic advice about nutrition, weight loss, exercise, ergonomics, relaxation techniques, body mechanics, home care, massage, and other self-help measures that might help relieve or prevent aches and pains. Tension headaches, often called muscle-contraction headaches, may benefit from manipulation that loosens joints and stretches tight neck muscles. Some chiropractic case reports suggest that migraine headache can be relieved with cervical manipulation.

Science-based chiropractors make appropriate judgments about the nature of their patients' problems, determine whether these problems lie within their scope, and make appropriate referrals for problems that do not. WE uses manipulation and physical therapy appropriately and willing to coordinate with your personal physician, so you can benefit from the best that both have to offer.

Diagnosis Essential

While some types of back pain can benefit from spinal manipulation, not every patient who sees a chiropractor needs it. Proper diagnosis should precede treatment of any type. This is why, if you consult a chiropractor, it is crucial to choose one who can make an appropriate diagnosis, uses spinal manipulation only when indicated, does not order unnecessary x-rays, and refers to an appropriate physician when needed. Chiropractors whose practice is not based on subluxation theory are in the best position to judge whether your problem requires medical treatment.

Back-pain sufferers who have been diagnosed with musculoskeletal pain and have reservations about spinal manipulation can ask their physician whether a referral is appropriate for their condition. (Actually, many chiropractors offer physical therapy modalities as well as manipulation.) A study published in 1998 in The New England Journal of Medicine found that the long-term effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation better than the McKenzie method of physical therapy (an exercise program) Many patients that had manipulation was more effective in providing immediate relief.


Chiropractors do not need to give medicine to restore health. They know that nature provides each person with a built-in druggist capable of compounding medicines, hormones, enzymes and antibiotics. Just as there is a health kit inside your body that heals cuts, mends broken bones and repairs damaged is there a doctor on the inside who can prescribe everything you the exact dose needed...and without harmful side effects. The human body is capable of healing itself of every dis-ease provided nothing interferes with normal nerve function.

The Doctor of Chiropractic works with the spine and nervous system. Chiropractors were the first to recognizes that spinal bones (vertebrae), twisted slightly out of place (subluxations), interfere with the nervous system. This creates altered physiology resulting in inflammation and irritation. Chiropractors are dedicated to analyzing, locating and removing the subluxation through the chiropractic adjustment. It is through the chiropractic adjustment that homeostasis (inner balance) is reestablished; and health is the result. You'll find your chiropractor to be an intelligent, scientifically-trained doctor. Many years of professional schooling in basic and clinical sciences have given your chiropractor the necessary background for discretion and judgement in caring for their patients. Your Chiropractor knows that each patient is an individual...that each spinal column is different...and that each spinal column needs specific chiropractic care.

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